Under the Fifth Sun

Session #1

Gwarth, me!

The characters had to track down a Kobold (named Gwarth, as it turned out) to recover several bits and pieces of equipment that he’d taken. Gwarth left a trail of these items, to lure the PCs away from the main of human society (which, by and large, believes Kobolds to be pests – they make off with bits of devices for some reason, and those stolen things rarely resurface).

Gwarth, as it turns out, was looking for help rescuing other Kobolds (his family, perhaps) from a creature that they had encountered nearby. This creature was, as far as has been determined yet, a spirit of decay that had animated a human corpse/skeleton, and was wandering about consuming other things (including the other Kobolds).

Though the characters were too late to rescue the other Kobolds, they did defeat the thing with little difficulty.



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